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The official opening of the New York City Manhattan Honbu Dojo of the WTKO was celebrated on the 7th December 2002 when a new Upper East Side location hosted a number of WTKO officials, students and well wishers at its dojo-biraki (opening party). Inspiring demonstrations by Sensei Amos and Sensei Mullin among other WTKO seniors, including dojo President Taki Theodorocopoulos, highlighted the evening and blessed the new space with a strong, traditional karate spirit.

The Honbu Dojo remained 9 years on 63rd Street until the building was purchased for redevelopment. After some hard work and a little training in the park during renovations, our new beautiful dojo opened on 61st Street in November of 2011.

Sensei Richard Amos has been teaching in New York City in the Gramercy area since 2000 and kept classes restricted to a private and exclusive clientele. Since opening the Honbu Dojo in 2002 additional group classes are held almost every day. At weekends the directors of the WTKO practice their policy of training together at the new Honbu Dojo also.